Ela is quite a busybody (pun intended) – active in politics, pioneering VR  adult entertainment, custom-building first VR webcam software …

Her most recent projects include pvr.fun and pvr.mall.

I’m not a particularly competitive person honestly; I see myself as more collaborative. I want to create and improve things and bring people together.

Interviewing  Ela was pure pleasure – and in the words of George Bush Jr., I think I can say “I have looked into her eyes and seen into her soul”.

This is what I found out about Ela – in her own words, supplemented by pics I dug up online to complete the portrait.

… I enjoy community building and fostering support amongst adult performers and the primary reason I decided to do the work I’ve done with VR porn is to create new opportunities for performers as technology develops.

My Grandpa’s balls of steel in Normandy

Ela is just as comfortable tied up, squealing in a brutal BDSM scene as she is on the glamorous red carpet.  

I learned a lot about how to read people with very little data to analyze. When you’re on camera you frequently only have the information the viewer is willing to share via text, so you learn to engage with them through questions and presentation.

What did you learn about people during your days as webcam girl?

The idea is to get a sense of what their goals and desires are from the exchange so that you can maximize their experience and make them want to come back for more.

VR craving intimacy

I realized that a lot of what makes someone spend money and time with cam performers is a desire for reciprocal affection and the opportunity to be heard by someone else.

Many of my viewers lacked an emotional support system in their day to day lives and were discouraged from seeking therapy due to cultural stigma around mental health, especially for men.

The interactions we shared were rooted in sexual exchange but were overwhelmingly focused on giving the viewer a sense of camaraderie and human connection.

P-o-r-n-watchers’ dream gal

You started your own company in the (online) adult industry, creating jobs. Can one get rich from it?

People can get rich from a lot of things but it’s important to focus on ethics, community support, and creating a network of people who benefit as you grow and are driven to help you reach each new goalpost, rather than just focusing on attaining wealth.

I got the impression that Ela is the friendliest person on the planet. She is your girl next door that you can’t wait to tell your buddies about. On top of that, she is one smart cookie.

Your goal shouldn’t be just to get rich, your goal should be to build something you can be proud of.

Influenza a dirty word?

Do you see yourself as a trend setter, or an influencer (I hope the latter is not yet a dirty word : )

I don’t really focus on setting trends or filling the role that we define as “influencer” but rather on having integrity, drive, and vision that will make people want to support the work I do.

I’d like to say that I focus on being influential rather than being an influencer, but I acknowledge that the difference between the two is semantic.

Porn imitates art?

Is there such a thing as losing our capacity for intimacy the more we watch porn and engage on social networks?

“For this invention will produce forgetfulness in the minds of those who learn to use it, because they will not practice their memory. Their trust in writing, produced by external characters which are no part of themselves, will discourage the use of their own memory within them.”

This is a quote from the Greek philosopher Plato about the dangers of the written word.

Darling is no stranger to the realm of the unusual – a Google search unearthed plethora of BDSM and other NSFW practices …

The supposition that some new form of media or method of exchanging ideas will be the downfall of humanity or have serious detrimental impacts on society are as old as communication itself.

Nobody puts this baby in the corner

… maybe a corner office…

You are very vocal in voicing your views on issues that concern the adult industry.  Will porn and social media affect the way we interact?

Of course. But I don’t think that they are inherently bad or good. They are supplemental to our existing means of engaging socially and sexually, and concluding either to be inherently constructive or destructive is reductive and harmful.

I forgot to ask Darling why she thinks that adult stars are so prone to activism … But found plenty of evidence online – from fighting teledildonics patents to web-neutrality to saying NO to mandatory condom use in adult films in California.

 She so hoooot, she burn rubber…

Proposition 60 hit the California ballots in 2016 and set out to curtail the (VR) adult industry so-called  health risks.

If passed, it would have allowed the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) to prosecute anytime a condom is not visible in a pornographic film. Read more about it here.

Ela took to the front lines to prevent such a measure passing.

Can you automate sex please?

What is your view on automation in the adult industry? Should we revolt against sex dolls and robots before it’s too late? : )

I think that the innovation in this field is incredibly interesting but I don’t think sex robots will ever replace human relationships.

I came across this legislation prohibiting use of sex robots resembling minors – what is your take on that?

The Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots (CREEPER) Act, sponsored by Daniel M. Donovan, Jr., was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on 13 June 2018.

The bill would amend the federal obscenity statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1462 to criminalize importation and transportation for interstate commerce any

“anatomically-correct doll, mannequin, or robot, with the features of, or with features that resemble those of, a minor, intended for use in sexual acts.”

Bob Goodlatte stated that “these dolls create a real risk of reinforcing pedophilic behavior and they desensitize the user causing him to engage in sicker and sicker behavior”.  Australia and the United Kingdom already have such bans.

I definitely see the value in a law like this.

Jealousy sex

In a relationship what would you consider as cheating – if your partner had sex with a sex doll/robot? Or would you allow anything as long as it did not involve a live human being? I assume webcam chat/sex with another person would be OK. 

I think that really depends on the context of the relationship and the boundaries that I set with each individual partner.

The pic above is perhaps the most-widely used pic by writers discussing VR adult entertainment. Little did I know that the girl on the couch is actually Ela herself.

I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to defining infidelity in a relationship, and my needs and expectations vary based on the bond I share with each person. I think that discussions like this are incredibly important for partners to have with each other!

Do you see big potential in teledildonics? You have gone against patent holders, saying that they are impeding porngress. Is there any other area in sex tech you feel this is also the case? Should this be taken up by Congress if they can address such things as sex dolls for pedophiles? 

I see a lot of value in combining sensory and haptic experiences with VR and I think we will see that field expand greatly in the future.

I think that patents serve an important purpose but it is unfortunate when they impede progress and the expansion of ideas and research.

Luckily, the patent you mention actually expired last year. I think Congress has bigger fish to fry at the moment than this topic.

…ehm Candy not working today?

According to some estimates, upwards of 60 per cent of VR headsets sold are used for porn. Does it surprise you how low that number is? What was your best selling VR flick?

I encourage anyone to take statistics with a grain of salt unless they can investigate the data themselves and determine that the conclusions being drawn are truly supported by data that is collected reliably.

I will note that 100% of PVR Iris VR headsets are used for porn and I strongly encourage people to try it out! It’s a really incredible device!

Where in your view is the adult industry heading? Are we to expect small incremental steps or something bigger?

The adult industry is always heading forward, constantly innovating and adapting. This has always been true and I don’t see that changing.

VR’s Darling

Can you tell our readers about your plans to enter other non-adult verticals? What of the adult experience would transfer over well?

I have a project that is outside of the adult vertical- it’s a live broadcast platform available on Steam.

It’s really awesome! I don’t like to bring it up in conversations about adult VR though because I don’t want people to conflate the new project with my previous creations.

I think that the PVR Iris headset would transfer well to non-adult experiences because it’s a really good piece of technology.

Name one thing that you did that you are the most proud of – adult industry or otherwise.

I am most proud of the innovations and developments I’ve contributed to in Virtual Reality which are rooted in the adult industry but span across verticals.


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