Apple – the company that has single-handedly put smartphone on the map has always been on the forefront of innovation – its latest really being from the segment of smart wearables – the so called iWatch.

Apple is working on a secret project VR/AR headset to launch in 2020

Wait, but it isn’t its latest feat after all – the word is that it is eyeing entrance into the burgeoning Virtual Reality market.

Still the innovator kid on the block?

Tim Cook, since taking over has had his share of bad press about lacking innovation and vision for the company.

You could say that the iWatch helped salvage a bit of that reputation for innovation.

Actually, by some estimates in 2017 Apple with its iWatch has outsold all watches coming out of Switzerland!

That is quite an upset, you have to give them that. It is like if Tesla outsold Mercedes – Oh wait, that actually happened as well.

Did somebody say Apple car?

Well, we have to give him credit for thinking out of the box, even if that means failing. We don’t have to jog our memory that much to recall some of Apple’s not so distant blunders – that came about as attempts to innovate and take risks.

Take the HomePod,which retailed for $349. The smart speaker wonder was simply not to be. With this one Apple was too late to the smart speaker game.

Tesla is to cars what Apple is to consumer electronics

Amazon pioneered the product category in 2014 with the Alexa-powered Echo and Google launched its own version, the Assistant-equipped Home, in 2016.

Oh, yes and in 2014 Apple thought big – way big for its own good, if you asked me. It set out to build an Apple car – dubbed Titan.

Well, Tesla is part of the answer why it abandoned this mighty undertaking – a big part at that.

Apple VR: litmus test for doom?

With VR gear penetration steadily climbing since 2014, reaching 175 million active users in 2018, everyone has been asking when – and whether Apple will take notice.

Apple has filed for several patents for its secret T288 VR project 

And if so, whether it will be able to magically leapfrog the competition and take a big chunk of its loyal fans along o the ride.

“I’m excited about augmented reality because unlike virtual reality which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what’s happening presently,” he said.

He has been seconded by Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive who is also not keen on putting a computer on your face.

The company has always prided itself to be on the cusp of innovation

So where does the company stand on Virtual Reality? CEO Tim Cook has said on many occasions he thinks AR is better than VR because it’s not as isolating of an experience.

While VR separates users from the real world, AR allows users to be immersed in the experience and be a part of their world at the same time. This shows potential for it to become a mainstream technology.

Top Secret “T288” v. Oculus and HTC 

CNET reports Apple is exploring 60GHz WiGig, a high-speed wireless protocol capable of transferring lots of data quickly. This makes it suitable for downloading copious VR/AR content with no problem.

  • Custom Apple 5-nanometer chip
  • 8K resolution per eye, total 16K
  • Support both AR and VR apps
  • Wireless

Apple has filed for several patents for its secret project

But perhaps T288’s grandest – and literally most visible – feature is the stunning resolution – 8k. Let’s put that into perspective with other VR devices.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive only have 1,080 x 1,200 resolution per eye, barely meeting full HD. This will sure do away with the annoying screen door effect and motion blur once and for all.

If in fact it launches in 2020 as advertised, the only problem Apple might face is the content one – as there are only a few AR hits out there to sink one’s teeth into – Pokémon Go The grass is slightly greener on the VR side – with a number of acclaimed VR hit such as Beat Saber.


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